What is Vivy?

Vivy is Education Invention AI DeFi

Using DeFi to fund the future of AI.

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DeFi + AI = Vivy

Project Vivy believes that DeFi can do more. While DeFi often feels like a loop, Vivy believes we can particpate in growing an industry outside this loop that will help establish DeFi as a powerful catalyst for innovation, research and commercialization in off-chain sectors. Vivy will also improve DeFi by applying AI and machine learning (ML) to improve portfolio management, analyze potential investments and address fraud.


Vivy will dramatically improve future applications of Artificial Intelligence through investment in research, development and commercialization of AI tech. Additionally, Vivy will empower the next generation of great innovators through charitable donations to youth STEM and music education groups. Vivy will also leverage the power of DeFi to build and fortify the infrastructure necessary to a flourishing AI ecosystem.

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Vivy Gives

Our goal is to cultivate a culture of invention and ingenuity starting with STEM and music education.

Vivy Finance

We will infuse AI and ML into DeFi and invest in off-chain projects and resources central to AI.

Vivy Labs

We aim to curate the best ideas in DeFi and beyond and monetize them through spin-off projects.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin
Polymath, inventor, scientist, printer, politician, freemason and diplomat

Features of
Project Vivy

Beyond DeFi

Vivy is breaking the loop. We will invest in startups, research labs and AI infrastructure companies to help demonstrate the power and influence DeFi can have off-chain. This benefits not only our investors but the technology sector outside DeFi.


New technology within DeFi is already under development by the Vivy team. While we intend to look for application of AI outside DeFi, we are also integrating it into portfolio management, investment intelligence, sentiment analysis and fraud protection.


We are already in talks with institutions for partnerships within all three of the main Vivy pillars: Giving, Finance and Research. If DeFi is going to be more, we need to reach outside the DeFi "loop" and work with the best and brightest minds.


Funding STEM and music education programs is one of the project's three main pillars. The other two include investing in on- and off-chain AI/ML projects and developing an institutional AI think tank.

No Private/Presale

Vivy did not have a presale or private sale. All liquidity was lent and will be paid back to liquidity lenders via taxes. The team will not pay themselves until initial lent liquidity has been repaid.


Currently buys are taxed at 9% and sells are taxed at 13%. The funds are divided between liquidity, team and operations. Operations will be used for improving and ensuring the longevity of the project.


Vivy's project team has KYC'd with Soken.io. View the certificate.


The Vivy team hails from backgrounds in computer science, cyber security, investment banking, business and marketing. They are well-known in DeFi and believe in a future where the space offers value to not only investors but the world outside the DeFi "loop."


Vivy will offer staking shortly after launch. Additional utility is in development that will create more passive income opportunity for holders. Stay tuned.


Research stresses the importance of this hands-on learning as an important way to spark interest in critical and fast-growing STEM fields. But little about science instruction in today’s classrooms matches that ideal. Too many districts suffer from a shortage of highly qualified science teachers. Too many schools have to contend with stretched budgets that have eliminated lab equipment and lab time. And so, too many teachers, especially those in underserved communities, are forced to resort to uninspiring “paper labs.” As a result, their students lack skills and experiences that can prepare them for STEM-related post-secondary coursework and jobs in fast-growing STEM jobs.

Vivy will reinforce STEM and music programs through donations and grants. Additionally, Vivy will support funding of STEM and music programs in underserved communities to ensure all students regardless of economic status can exercise their creativity and ingenuity. Finally, Vivy will select and, with the help of the community, award excellent teachers in STEM and music education.

Vivy will invest in organizations performing research into new and cutting edge technologies that support a burgeoning AI ecosystem. Gartner projects the business value created by AI at $3.9T in 2022. This number will only continue to grow as AI becomes more ubiquitious in the way we conduct business and our daily lives. Vivy Labs will partner with AI research labs, universities, thought leaders and the best devs in DeFi to find pragmatic ways to bring AI tech to market within DeFi and beyond.

Vivy is already in talks with researchers and thought leaders about the most impactful way to realize this vision.

The goal of Vivy is to support the infrastructure needed to realize a flourishing AI ecosystem in the market. Not only will Vivy invest in research of new technology and its application, but it will also invest in the goods and materials necessary to build this ecosystem. Lithium, silicon, metals and renewable energy sources to power the computing power required by AI will all be selected by Vivy for investment.

New ideas introduced to the market will yield returns for Project Vivy. These returns will be infused into the staking rewards pool for holders and a portion will also go toward reinvestment.

Vivy will also perform research on the potential benefits of AI technology to DeFi and blockchain. A think tank of the most talented DeFi devs, blockchain architects, data scientists and machine learning experts will gather to engineer a new way to approach DeFi. With the amount of data DeFi generates, it is possible to realize significant value for investors and project owners through AI/ML. Vivy will strive to unlock that potential.

The team behind Vivy have been in DeFi for years and they believe in the potential DeFi has to offer. We're all used to pump and dumps, rugs, honeypots, botched launches and corrupt influencers. It doesn't have to be this way, and in order for DeFi to thrive technology must be developed to combat these challenges. AI/ML can be used to outsmart fraudsters. It can offer investment insight to the community. And it can be a shining light in an otherwise shady space. DeFi can be more and Vivy is here to prove it.


The Cycle of
Project Vivy

The Vivy Cycle




  • 3% liquidity
  • 3% operations
    (charity, investments, dev and marketing)
  • 3% team
    (liquidity repayment)



  • 5% liquidity
  • 5% operations
    (charity, investments, dev and marketing)
  • 3% team
    (liquidity repayment)

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